tisdag 18 november 2008


Living in Edinburgh I used to buy my fish'n'chips, with brown sauce of course, in a small chippie in Gilmore Place. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon was with a fish supper, reading the Sunday papers for hours.

Now I know another way to spend any lunch or dinner. At Toff's in Muswell Hill you can even accompany your fish with a bottle of good white wine. Which we did. Unofrtunatley the brown sauce hasn't reached outside Edinburgh, hard to get even in Glasgow... However, Toff's cooks the fish so well I am happy with plain vinegar. It makes me wonder why it seem to be so hard to get a really good battered fish in Sweden? What is the problem? Is the recipe as secret as that of Coca Cola?

Choose what fish you like, cod, haddock, halibut, plaice... Toff's got it and will fry it for you, to order. With perfect chips.

To get there: Tube to East Finchley. Bus 234 to 38, Muswell Hill Broadway.

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Malinka sa...

Is there any proper kind of batter in Sweden? (Can't even remember the Swedish word now.) Deep-frying is a largely unknown art.

The thing we put on fishfingers and schnitzels doesn't count.

Oh, suitable word verification: pestor!

Anna-Karin sa...

I think the problem with Swedish deepfried fish spells "breadcrumbs". What I still don't understand is why.

My Scottish-Australian friend said something clever though, "there is chips, and there is fries and they are two completely different things". I read somewhere that chips are actually healthier since they boil the potatoes before frying them, making them less absorbent to oil.