tisdag 18 november 2008

Indian Rasoi

Lamb sheek kebab

Our friends moved from Crouch End to Muswell Hill. The latter is famous for having housed Alexander Litvinenko up until his murder in London, actually in the same street as our friends are living. What we didn't know, though, was that Muswell Hill also harbours two of the finest restaurants in London. One of them is Indian Rasoi located on the border between Muswell Hill and East Finchley at 7, Denmark Terrace, in Fortis Green. (Take the tube to East Finchley and walk up Fortis Green, 10 minutes walk, or bus 234.)

Obviously the restaurant have had som good reviews by guests. And the rumour seem to have spread. Booking on Friday night needs at least to be done one day in advance.


Coming in from a day at the South Coast we were quite hungry (despite having been served both lunch at the Sailing Club and a fine meringue suiss down in Lymington). Indian Rasoi's menu is not easy to choose from and we went for the whole kit, papadums, starters, main with nan och rice and, for the more perserving of us, dessert. Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid the meny but I am quite sure that whatever you choose it will be made until perfection.

The onion bahjees might as well have been the best I have ever had with fine spices even in the batter. The potato and green peas patties were very spicy and delicious and the shrimps peri peri huge and perfectly grilled with a bit unortodox seasoning. Hubby chose a curry that made all other currys I've had in life seem quite boring, included the coriander one I had last time in London. I chose lamb sheek kebab and sag as side order. The kebab looked quite rare when put on the table but made me, as the burning [pun unintended] grill chef I am in summer, feel as in heaven. The sag was, of course, as good.

Falling asleep of pure happiness

At that time we started to fall asleep, having chosen too many dishes. Even though Rasoi doesn't serve those huge plates of food that you sometimes get, the look, smell and taste of the food probably made us eat too fast. If was so tasteful and so mindblowing that we didn't even find words to explain to the personnel how much we liked it. Delicious just doesn't suffice. Extraordinary is not enough.

Anyway, if you are in London and if you like Indian food, it would be close to criminal not going out to East Finchley for dinner! We can't wait to go there again, and are extremely jealous of the friends living so close by.

Our choice: Me and Hubby had
Papadums with four different chutneys and sauces
Onion bhaji Pakora
Aloo Tikka - Potato and green peas patties
Paneer & Goat Cheese Samosa
Jheenga Peri Peri - Jumbo prawns marinated in goanese peri peri masala

Gilafi Sheek Kebab - Minced lamb with coriander complementet with mint chutney
Murgh Hara Masala - Chicken with fresh green chilies, mint, coriander, cumin
Saag Aloo - baby spinach with potatoes, fresh green chilies and ginger
(The starters shared with our friends whose choice of main dish I don't remember.)

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