söndag 9 november 2008

We have succeeded!

To members of Facebook group Petition to Swap Sarah Palin for Michael Palin

"Dear Members of the Group "Petition to Swap Sarah Palin for Michael Palin":
The mere threat of the imminently superior (though not as unintentionally funny) Michael Palin taking Sarah Palin's place was enough to cause vast numbers of future Silly Party voters to stay at home or cast their votes for Barack Obama. We have therefore succeeded in our quest and so I am now bringing this group to a close. But make no mistake, should that Sarah Palin rear her head in and around 2012, I will resurrect this group and invite you all to join again. You betcha!Meanwhile, cheers and shrubbery to all of you, especially all of our enthusiastic members from Finland. Ni!! Anna"

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