fredag 3 juli 2009

Thunder and lightning

The thunder storm finally got us and we went indoors. Sitting in the kitchen with a glass of chilled white wine we waited for some fuses to pop. And they did, everything went dark and we went out to the fuse box to find that the newly fitted box had just exploded. Turning around Hubby says:

- What happened to the birch-tree?

The lightning had hit it and split it in million of pieces sending them all over the garden. The trunk was completely peeled of its bark. When I get back to town I'll post a picture. No risk of running out of wood this summer...

Dinner was cooked on the old wood stove and the fridge still keeps the wine cool. Maybe we'll play a round of Scrabbles (Alfapet) tonight. While waiting for the guys from Fortum to come and install a new fuse box.

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