fredag 3 juli 2009

Cat fight

Yesterday one of my sisters in law, Anita, turned 50. Hence we celebrated in Örebro with her friends and family. Today I am working from home, i e the Torp (summer house). When we arrived last night our landlady, above, waited for us. She lives here and there and comes checking on us frome time to time wanting some cream or potato salad. But never when we want her to. At midsummer she shone with her absence (is that an English proverb, too?) when we wanted her to meet with Linda and Jenni. Yesterday she seemed to be waiting for us, no dodgy visitors in sight.

Since Younger Sister and Andreas are allergic she is not allowed in the house. Hence we threw her out when she tried to spend the night indoors. This was severely punished with beeing awoken in the midst of the night. By some mad yelling and screaming from our landlady and what we believe to have been either a badger or a fox. The animal was quite grey (compared to the yellow cat) in the light summer night and slowly sneaked away on the lawn, coughing. The cat just sat down by the ash tree outside our bedroom window, cleaning itself after the fight, loadly telling us what she thinks of her tenants.

When Younger Sis and Andreas had friends over for coffee this spring she wasn't very satisfied with the bisquits on offer. (Or she didn't get any from that mean Younger Tenant.) So she brought her own scones for her afternoon tea. In the form of a living lizard. Seated next to the guests she crushed the screaming lizard with her jaws and ate it right there. I think the badgering fox might have been quite lucky, tonight...

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