måndag 25 maj 2009

Waiting for Elbegdorj

Yesterday we happened to be at Ts Elbegdorj's constituency when he and his wife came there to vote. Somehow the whole media posse just happened to be there, too. The poor voters had to push their way to the voting boxes.

There we were standing among journalists and observers, waiting for God... sorry, Elbegdorj. (The other observers were not to be seen in any other constituencey during the day. Hubby says that he's never ever met any other obeserver during his five Mongolian elections. Especially not in the ger districts. With the exception of the Asian Foundation.)

Standing there waiting made med think of Samuel Beckett...

ESTRAGON: Charming spot. Inspiring prospects. Let's go.
VLADIMIR: We can't.
ESTRAGON: Why not?
VLADIMIR: We're waiting for Godot.
ESTRAGON: (despairingly). Ah! You're sure it was here?
ESTRAGON: That we were to wait.

Yes, it was there. While waiting Hubby was interviewed by no less than five TV channels.

And then he arrived. Although it is not that easy to spot him since he is not the tallest man around. Here he's circling one of the candidates on the voting bill. Guess who?

Afterwards every journalist tried to get close to the man of the day. It was rather mad. Those who didn't get hold of him had to do with Hubby... ;)

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