tisdag 19 maj 2009

Schiphol Tuesday afternoon

Landed in Schiphol. The bartender at the bar next to the gate is curious about where we’re off to. He used to travel a lot in his younger days. He’s maybe in his 50s and looks like a man who has been around and about.

- When I was young I spent three passports in three years.

He tells us that there are two criteria when choosing a place of travel. Is there a university? Check! Is there a harbour? Check! If we meet these two criteria we could be sure that we’ll have a good time, since they make sure that interesting people, who speak different languages, are brought together and there will be a good night life.

Arriving here I had quite a shock when my credit card didn’t work. Five to three. (Swedish banks close at 3 pm.) I get on my mobile where I, luckily, have stored the number to my bank office. Ring, ring. Three to three my personal bank woman answers the phone.

- Hello Anna-Karin!

I had forgotten to untick the little box for not making it possible to use the card abroad.

- But I know your voice so I’ll fix it!

Lovely! That is what I call service. And for the first time in my life my quite odd voice has actually helped me!

So, soon we’re boarding the plane to Shanghai. Unfortunately they couldn’t check in the luggage all the way to Ulaanbaatar so we’ll have to recheck it in Shanghai… My blood pressure will be high by then… But first we’re looking forward to dinner somewhere over Eastern Europe.

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