onsdag 20 maj 2009

The eagles have landed!

Four countries in 28 hours... Feels like those Americans doing Scandinavia in one weekend. Only that we 've been travelling over half the world. Holland, China, South Korea and, finally Mongolia! When we finally saw Luya and his excellent driver in Chinggis Airport tonight it was pure joy. Now we're at our room at the Bishrelt hotel with both cable and wireless and the national elections committee next door. That's where we're going tomorrow to get our accreditations.

The trip here gave quite an insight into the fright of influenza... In Shanghai, descending from the plane, we were met by people looking like something from Star Trek, in white overalls and goggles and hoods. They were pointing some apparatus towards our forheads... Don't ask why. Landing in China, South Korea and Mongolia we've had to fill in forms that we do not cough, sneeze, have a bad throat or runny nose. In South Korea someone held a thingy behind our ears. The thingy said beep and that was obviously good since we were free to go... Should we get a cold here in Mongolia we have to contact the authorities before leaving...

Now it's soon 1 am here and I'm going to try out the bed, Mongolian style i e hard as brick to sleep on.

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