lördag 23 maj 2009

Piqniq with Chinggis

Today we have been on piqniq with Chinggis, both in the form of Chinggis vodka and in the form of a 40 meter high stainless steel Chinggis on his horse. This is built on the steppe outside Ulaanbaatar and is the first part of a Chinggis Land that is to be built as a big tourist spot.

I felt a sadness that my father, the welder, isn't alive to see this. According to Hubby the welding job on the outside was an artwork.

So we went up in the horse's head. And got real close to the great Mongolian leader. (Although not as close as it may seem in this picture.)

Then we went down by the river Tuul for some snacks, beer and vodka. Tomorrow I'll try to post some more pictures but give you a little appetizer with Luya wrestling with Hubby. Even here my father, the old wrestler, would have been impressed. By Luya, of course...

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